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About us

Diagnosis before treatment is vital. But when it comes to the climate crisis, we have done things the wrong way round so far.

Individual measures are discussed, but many people do not realize how serious and far-reaching the problem actually is. Put simply: the climate crisis is the biggest threat to human health. Unfortunately.

The foundation „Gesunde Erde – Gesunde Menschen“ (Healthy Planet – Healthy People) was created in 2020 by German physician, science journalist, bestselling non-fiction author and TV host Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen to promote public awareness of the principle: healthy people can only exist on a healthy planet.

We are dedicated to this principle and are working both center stage and behind the scenes to provide the missing link: climate communication that reaches, moves and inspires people to action – with a focus on solutions, a visionary approach and a good sense of humor.

Foto des GEGM-Teams: Alle stehen lächelnd bei strahlendem Sonnenschein in der Natur nebeneinander. Foto: Dominik Butzmann

One team, many areas of expertise

The climate crisis is complex. It affects all of the body’s organs. And all parts of society: policy-making, science, health care, business, the general public and civil society. Both throughout Germany and around the world.

It affects all of us – and challenges us. We need people who network between sectors and silos. We speak, understand and inspire people in ministries, research institutions, hospitals, companies, foundations and NGOs.

We are a professional, interdisciplinary team that aims to forge new connections at all these interfaces and mobilize the world with new ideas. And we are growing!

Contact us

We are happy to answer any questions you have or explore potential partnerships. Drop us an email or give us a call.
Your contact person is Donald Sandmann:
E-mail: kontakt[at]
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We support

Together we are stronger and can achieve more. That’s why we are a member of several organizations that combine numerous activities for climate protection and health protection.